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5 considerations when buying an intraoral scanner

Intraoral scanners (IOS) have been been becoming increasingly popular each year. An ADA study back in 2021 reported that, even then, more than half of dental offices in America utilize IOS in their dental practice. Sales reps boast that it will increase efficiency, accuracy, and even improve patient experience and comfort. Although many dental practices …

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avoiding remakes with effective intraoral dental photography

Few things are more frustrating than working hard on a case, feeling good about it, then upon try-in, discovering it needs to be remade.  As your dental technician it is our job to do our best with the information given to us. We want your cases to succeed just as much as you do. Over …

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What your dental lab needs for a successful cosmetic restoration.

It is no secret that any dental restoration driven by cosmetics, whether it be a single unit or a full arch, requires extra time and attention for both the dentist and the dental lab. Here at Whatcom Dental Lab, we have had the privilege of working on thousands of cosmetic dental restorations. Over the years …

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How to pick the right dentist.

You wouldn’t choose a boyfriend out of the phonebook. Choosing your dentist shouldn’t be a rash decision either. It is common for individuals or families to stick with the same dental office for years or even decades. Dentists are privy to your health history and have an up close and personal look at your oral …

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