Zirconia is by far the leading material for crown & bridge work. Whatcom Dental Lab is continually investing time and resources to find the best materials and protocols to make our zirconia crowns exceptional.


Zirconia is exceptionally strong and durable. Preshaded and multilayered Argen Zirconia has more translucency and better aesthetics than ever before. Our technicians bring it to life with the MiYo Stain and Glaze Kit.

This zirconia bridge was expertly crafted and stained to match the patient's existing teeth.


Whether it is traditional model, or a digital scan, our talented experienced technicians use industry-leading design software from 3shape and exocad to design functional restorations that mimic the surrounding definition. All zirconia crowns are milled in-house to give us full control of the crowns produced. Our Finish technicians use high powered microscopes to to fit and finish our crowns to a higher standard than our competition. After stain and glaze all cases are subjected to a quality control inspection to ensure that the expectations of our clients are met.

ideal applications:

Zirconia restorations are ideal for patients who:

  • require extra strength for a long span bridge
  • grind their teeth
  • where cosmetics are important, but need the extra strength

WDL additionally utilizes Zirconia for:

  • custom abutments
  • inlays and onlays
  • substructure for porcelain crowns
Utilizing a zirconia custom abutment allows the crown placed above to remain its intended shade when seated.

WDL staff that specialize in this technology:

Andrey Kelvich

Ceramist / Dental Technician

Andrey, is one of our experienced finish techs.  He has been in the industry for over 34 years, and works on many of our cosmetic cases.


Anna Ellsworth

CAD/CAM Technician

Anna is a Washington local who is beginning her career in dental technology. She joined our team in 2023 and is assisting in our CAD/CAM department.


Brian Green

Milling & Printing Department Lead

Brian is our milling and printing guru here at WDL. Additionally he assists in the CAD/CAM department.


Chris Cooke

Ceramist/ Finish Technician

Chris is one of our skilled ceramists here at WDL. He has been a dental technician since 2013 and works on cosmetic restorations as well as hybrid cases.


Elena Buri

Dental Lab Assistant

Elena is one of our dental lab assistants. She is new to the industry but plans to become a Dentist in the future. Her hobbies include gardening, playing chess, doing trivia, skiing, and hiking.


Nate Seimears

Owner/ Cosmetic Specialist

Nate is one of WDL’s owners. Over the past two decades he has grown to become the county’s specialist for cosmetic work and complex cases.


Todd Fadden

Dental Technician / CAD-CAM & Finishing Technician

Todd has been on our team since 2002. He now focuses his skills on CAD/CAM and ceramic work.


Zelda Sagebiel

Ceramist / Dental Technician

Zelda is a Master Dental Technician from Hamburg, Germany. She has been in the industry for over 11 years and is one of our lead ceramists here at WDL.

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