relines & repairs

With removable restorations seeing daily use, chances are at some point over the years, it may need to be repaired or adjusted. Whether it be by accident, failure, or the dog trying to eat it, our removable technicians are skilled in returning it to working order.


To reline a denture the technician will take the updated impression and assess the area in need. They then add acrylic to the interior of the denture to confirm the pallet and restore a more comfortable and effective fit.

Repairs will be unique to the case, but most commonly our technicians utilize acrylic to add missing teeth, or repair broken claps or areas on the appliance.

This partial will be restored to its normal look and function thanks to our removable technicians.

ideal applications:

A reline may be indicated if:

  • the denture become loose
  • the fit of the denture feels different or uncomfortable

A repair can be done on:

  • dentures where the teeth have fell out or are damaged
  • the acrylic base of a denture that is cracked or damaged
  • flippers that are cracked, broken or are missing teeth

WDL staff that specialize in this technology:

Drew Basham

Removables Technician

Drew can be found in our removables department. He is responsible for creating our night guards and crafting our digital dentures.


Kristen McClain

Removables Technician

Kristen is an important member of our removables department. She has a variety of experience with dentures but currently is focusing on night guards and light denture work.

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