Although PFMs, or porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns, are sometimes considered an “old school” technique by many patients and dentists, our technicians have the knowledge and experience to create a beautiful outcome.


PFMs look and mimic the properties of natural teeth. Because they are hand-waxed, margins on this type of restoration tend to be more precise than other materials and last for many years. Porcelain remains an incredibly versatile material enabling incredibly naturally looking results in the mouth. With current opaquing and design techniques PFMs do not appear darker or stick our from the surrounding teeth.

Intricate shaping and details go into every PFM crown.


Our technicians hand wax the metal framework for each PFM that comes into our lab.  The margins and fit are always crafted to insure the health of the surrounding tissues and teeth.We use both the traditional method of centrifugal casting and a Super Neo Cascom casting machine to make our metal frameworks.

Different types of porcelain are stacked on the framework to create a natural multilayered look.   With the porcelain structure complete our finish technicians are able to refine the shape and fit of the overall tooth. Glaze is added to enhance the details that will make sure the tooth looks seamless in the mouth.


The versatility of porcelain on a PFM allows for this beneficial gum effect to be created on the crown.

ideal applications:

PFMs are often chosen for patients that:

  • want a lifelike restoration that is cost effective
  • have dark stump shade that needs to be blocked out

WDL staff that specialize in this technology:

Rick Seimears

Owner/ Founder

Rick began his lab career in 1974, and opened WDL shortly after. Although he is enjoying semi-retirement, you can still find him at the lab contributing to the caseload and mentoring the staff.


Ryan Fadden

Dental Technician / Traditional Fixed Metal Framework Specialist

Ryan joined WDL back in 2004. He is our specialist for traditional fixed metal framework cases.

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