night guards

Night guards are durable, affordable solution for patients who are experiencing excessive wear of their teeth.


Night guards can be an idea solution for a variety of oral issues. They help protect the teeth from wear  caused by grinding by creating a fitted barrier that can be safely worn at night. They help protect the jaw as well as the teeth from clenching. Patients who have undergone orthodontic treatments experience more sustained results when their fitted night guards are worn regularly.


Night guards are created using industry leading design software based off of the patient’s impression. They are then 3D printed from KeySplint material which is strong yet flexible, and easy to clean. Guards are hand-fitted and finished for minimal chair-side adjustments. Acrylic hard guards are also available if needed.

This night guard is freshly 3D printed, and marked with adjustments to be hand done our removable technicians.

ideal applications:

Night guards are helpful for patients who:

  • grind their teeth
  • wish to retain their orthodontic corrections
  • have TMJ issues
  • clench their jaws

WDL staff that specialize in this technology:

Brian Green

Milling & Printing Department Lead

Brian is our milling and printing guru here at WDL. Additionally he assists in the CAD/CAM department.


Drew Basham

Removables Technician

Drew can be found in our removables department. He is responsible for creating our night guards and crafting our digital dentures.


Kristen McClain

Removables Technician

Kristen is an important member of our removables department. She has a variety of experience with dentures but currently is focusing on night guards and light denture work.

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