Whatcom Dental Lab is renowned for the exceptional gold work that have produced for decades. Having worked for, and been mentored by Dr. R.V. Tucker himself, the quality and fit of their gold crowns, inlays an onlays is unsurpassed. They continue to work closely with the local Tucker Study Clubs in order to continue to refine and grow their skill set.


Gold crowns are known for being longer lasting, aesthetically pleasing and biocompatible. They can help protect the remaining structure of the tooth and can help aid in tissue health. Full gold crowns can be utilized for both posterior and anterior teeth.

Inlays, onlays and 3/4 gold crowns hold the same benefits of utilizing gold for restorations, along with the added benefit of preserving more of the patient’s natural tooth structure.

Beautifully handcrafted anterior full gold crowns made by WDL.


Creating a gold restoration begins with a model of the patients prepped teeth, and waxing the area that will be covered in gold into it. The technician is sure to create a realistic and detailed tooth surface that will blend in with the surrounding teeth. That wax structure is then turned into a stone mold for the gold to be casted into. Whatcom Dental Lab utilizes both the traditional method of centrifugal casting and a Super Neo Cascom casting machine.

Once the restoration has cooled, the technician can then adjust the the gold for occlusal fit and perfect the margins. The final step is polishing the gold for that classic gold shine as well as to help protect the patient’s oral health by making the tooth easier to clean and less likely to harbor bacteria.

Gold inlays and onlays preserve most of the patient's tooth while still treating the compromised areas.

ideal applications:

Gold restorations are ideal for a patient who:

  • prefers longevity over cosmetics
  • wishes to preserve as much as their natural tooth structure as possible
  • appreciates the aesthetic of gold in the mouth
Our technicians that handcraft our gold crowns are the best of the best!

WDL staff that specialize in this technology:

Ryan Fadden

Dental Technician / Traditional Fixed Metal Framework Specialist

Ryan joined WDL back in 2004. He is our specialist for traditional fixed metal framework cases.


Steve Tinklepaugh

Dental Technician / Skagit Lab Manager

Steve is our gold work specialist. He brings almost 30 years of experience to the team.

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