Many patients looking for a quicker, or more affordable option than implants or crowns choose to have a custom flipper made. They are an attractive option and cost effective.


Flippers are an affordable and convenient way to cover the gaps created from the loss of natural teeth. The teeth come in a variety of shades to took as natural as possible with the patient’s smile.

We aim to make our flippers blend seamlessly in the mouth.


Flippers are designed digitally by our removable technicians. Once the design is complete they are either milled or 3D printed in-house. The teeth are then bonded to the base, where the details are refined and the flipper polished.

ideal applications:

Flippers are a great option for patients who:

  • have a missing tooth or teeth, and wish to prevent the surrounding teeth from shifting
  • choose to have a compromised tooth pulled rather than have a crown placed
  • can not afford the cost of an implant or crown
  • need an immediate fix rather than the long time frame associated with implants

WDL staff that specialize in this technology:

Brian Green

Milling & Printing Department Lead

Brian is our milling and printing guru here at WDL. Additionally he assists in the CAD/CAM department.


Drew Basham

Removables Technician

Drew can be found in our removables department. He is responsible for creating our night guards and crafting our digital dentures.

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