fixed hybrid full arch

Hybrid full arch restorations are a life changing option for those needing, or currently utilizing removable dentures. Not only are they incredibly lifelike, but they are fixed and permanent solution that allows them to eat and function as they did when they had natural teeth.


Full arch hybrids are strong, reliable and highly aesthetic. They are a fixed restoration, allowing the patients to be free of food restrictions usually associated with dentures. Although regular cleaning is still required this permanent option stays in their mouth at all times. The risk of losing or dropping their denture is eliminated.

Fixed hybrid arches come in a variety of different designs. Our lab offers a full zircona frame on ti-base or custom abutments. They can also be manufactured from acrylic. If extra strength is needed we can create a titanium sub-frame.

Acrylic options are available as well, such as this acrylic over montreal bar hybrid.


Each hybrid restoration requires a slightly unique process, depending on the current state of the patient’s mouth, and the options the doctors choose. However, many steps remain the same in order to ensure the process is done precisely by both parties. We begin with evaluating the patient’s initial impression provided. From that we are able to provide the doctor with a verification jig, and wax rim to record the patient’s mid-line, occlusal plane and incisal edge. From that a verified impression is created to base the restoration off of. Before the arch is finalized we send it it to the doctor for a try-in with the patient. This way the fit and design can be perfected before seating. With that information the full arch hybrid is crafted from either zirconia or acrylic to fit both functionally and aesthetically in the patients mouth and ready to be seated.

ideal applications:

A patient would befit from a fixed full arch hybrid if:

  • they are currently unhappy with the look and inconveniences of removable dentures
  • the cost to care for, repair or replace many compromised teeth is significant in the long run
  • they want to be able to eat whatever they want again
  • they are facing needing removable dentures
These visually pleasing full arches reopen a world of possibilities for patients.

WDL staff that specialize in this technology:

Chris Cooke

Ceramist/ Finish Technician

Chris is one of our skilled ceramists here at WDL. He has been a dental technician since 2013 and works on cosmetic restorations as well as hybrid cases.


Nate Seimears

Owner/ Cosmetic Specialist

Nate is one of WDL’s owners. Over the past two decades he has grown to become the county’s specialist for cosmetic work and complex cases.

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