A large case can be intimating for a patient to undergo. Being able to view a diagnostic, and gain a realistic idea of the outcome, as well as refine their preferences can be a powerful tool for the patient to gain confidence in the process.


Diagnostics can be used for a variety of indications as they give both the dentist and the patient a peek into the final look of the case. This is especially impactful for patients who are on the fence about committing to a large rehab, or who are extra particular about aesthetics.  Doctors are able to make temporaries based of the diagnostic, which will help the patient get used to the new smile and see if any final adjustments are needed. Being able to refine from the diagnostic before the crown is fabricated can reduce seat-time and remakes.

Our technicians collaborating on a digital diagnostic.


Our diagnostics today are done digitally using our specialize CAD/CAM software. Once created, the dentist will receive a digital 3D printed model to critique and review with the patient. It can also be used to create a suckdown to create temporaries.

ideal applications:

Diagnostics are indicated for:

  • large or full mouth cases
  • cosmetically driven patients
  • patients that want to try out the new look on their temporaries
ome 3D models fresh from the printer.

WDL staff that specialize in this technology:

Chris Cooke

Ceramist/ Finish Technician

Chris is one of our skilled ceramists here at WDL. He has been a dental technician since 2013 and works on cosmetic restorations as well as hybrid cases.


Nate Seimears

Owner/ Cosmetic Specialist

Nate is one of WDL’s owners. Over the past two decades he has grown to become the county’s specialist for cosmetic work and complex cases.


Tom Hamilton

Owner/ Production Manager/ Finish Technician

Tom is one of the owners here at WDL. On top of managing the lab’s daily production he also specializes in implant work and other complex cases.

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