Dentures are a dying art. Too many dental practitioners have moved away from offering them because they require too many office visits, too many adjustments, and have a small profit margin. Here at Whatcom Dental Lab are embracing the future by going digital to help make dentures more accessible and practice for dentists and their patients.


Digital dentures require less chair time and fewer appointments. They are beautiful and lifelike. Dentists can regain their profit margin on dentures as well as give their patients more options for their care.

Whatcom Dental Lab dentures are always lifelike and aesthetically pleasing.


Digital dentures are first designed by our experienced CAD/CAM technicians. The bases are 3D printed from Lucitone DLP material which is accurate and durable. The teeth from the design can be milled from PMMA or 3D pritned.

ideal applications:

Dentures are a good option for patients who:

Our digital dentures are ideal for Dentists who:

  • don’t wish to refer out to a denturist
  • want to offer dentures to their patients but worry about a low cost margin
  • wish to have their denture cases be more efficient

WDL staff that specialize in this technology:

Brian Green

Milling & Printing Department Lead

Brian is our milling and printing guru here at WDL. Additionally he assists in the CAD/CAM department.


Drew Basham

Removables Technician

Drew can be found in our removables department. He is responsible for creating our night guards and crafting our digital dentures.

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