case planning

When you need to innovate, you need collaboration.

Marissa Mayer

When working with complex cases or cosmetically driven patients, creative solutions are key.  Our goal is to be a knowledgeable and collaborative resource to our clients

At Whatcom Dental Lab our technicians will work with you as you plan your restoration. We are only a call away if you need to troubleshoot.

The right foundation…

The right material can make all the difference when looking to achieve a certain result. Whatcom dental lab has been fortunate to work with a vast variety of materials, equipment and techniques. Our technicians are continually striving to stay up to date with new and emerging  technologies.

Unique perspectives..

Over the years we have gleaned knowledge and insight from the many doctors in the community. Often when faced with a concern we have seen that same problem solved in the past a few different ways. We aim to use our vast range of unique past experiences to help solve your current challenges.

WDL staff that specialize in this technology:

Nate Seimears

Owner/ Cosmetic Specialist

Nate is one of WDL’s owners. Over the past two decades he has grown to become the county’s specialist for cosmetic work and complex cases.


Tom Hamilton

Owner/ Production Manager/ Finish Technician

Tom is one of the owners here at WDL. On top of managing the lab’s daily production he also specializes in implant work and other complex cases.

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