our warranty policy

Whatcom Dental Lab takes tremendous pride in the work we do. We believe that we make the highest quality dental restorations and we stand by our work accordingly. Our goal is to achieve complete satisfaction for our dentists and their patients, and we understand that this is a joint effort. As part of this commitment to quality, we offer the following guidelines about warranty, adjustments, and remakes:

Minor adjustments needed on crown & bridge work are done without any additional charge. This may include things like adding to an interproximal contact, making occlusal adjustment, reglazing, or minor shade changes. Many can be completed and returned the same day (local delivery only). This portion of the policy applies to any client that sends work to Whatcom Dental Lab regardless of volume per month.

A 5 year warranty* will apply for  zirconia, gold, PFM, and pressed (lithium disilicate) restorations restorations that:

  • Crack, break, fall off, or come loose after being seated.
  • Are unable to be seated due to defects.

*This warranty is reserved for consistent clients who average $2,500 per month in casework (not including implant parts & gold), over a six month span. Warranties will be engaged on incoming cases once the 6 month average reaches this amount. If that average dips below $2,500 for more than 60 days, warranties on incoming cases will not apply.

Occasionally, we encounter a case that we believe cannot or will not work. When this happens, we will always try to contact the dentist and express our concerns. This can lead to things like requesting a new impression or scan, requesting a specific bite registration, suggesting alternative restorative materials, asking to see the patient for a custom shade appointment, or asking for additional reduction to preparations. If we have reasonable concern that a case will not be successful but the dentist requests that we proceed anyway, Whatcom Dental Lab may exclude that case from the warranty. This applies to both digital and traditional techniques. 

The exceptions to this warranty policy are:

  • If we report an impression that is inadequate, has defects, or fails to capture all necessary information but the dentist insists that we move forward with it.
  • If the doctor refuses to allow necessary addition reduction to create enough space to meet the manufacturer’s minimum thickness guideline for the restorative material.
  • If we express concerns about the prep, draw, impressions, or restorative materials and those concerns are not addressed.
  • If the patient decides after the crowns are seated that they are unhappy with the color or shape of the restorations.
  • If the dentist requests a custom shade appointment for a shade adjustment that did not previously have one.

If you feel you have a case that should qualify for the warranty due to extenuating or unique circumstances, please reach out to us.

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