lab to lab services

No more overnights, or weekends at the lab! Take back your time and let us share in the workload.

Our milling department is able to take on your 3D printing needs.

Whatcom Dental Lab aims to help other labs advance their businesses and serve their clients and community better. We provide the full spectrum of lab to lab services. That means if you are needing us to complete a full restoration, or just assist in part of the process, we are able to meet your needs. 

Every case is treated with the same attention to detail that we utilize when working with our own doctors. 

The labs we serve are able to add to their income stream and increase their clientele without needing to purchase more equipment or hire new staff. 

Milling, designing, and finish work available for:

  • Full Zirconia
  • eMax or other pressed materials
  • PFMs
  • Full Gold 
  • Hybrid Night Guards
  • Dentures

Contact us today to see our full list of services and competitive price list.

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