relines & repairs

relines & repairs

With removable restorations seeing daily use, chances are at some point over the years, it may need to be repaired or adjusted. Whether it be by accident, failure, or the dog trying to eat it, our removable technicians are skilled in returning it to working order.

surgical guides

When utilizing a surgical guide, the lab and the surgeon are able to collaborate on determining which location and angle in the jaw that placing the implant will create the most aesthetically pleasing restoration.

night guards

Night guards are durable, affordable solution for patients who are experiencing excessive wear of their teeth.


Many patients looking for a quicker, or more affordable option than implants or crowns choose to have a custom flipper made. They are an attractive option and cost effective.


Dentures are a dying art. Too many dental practitioners have moved away from offering them because they require too many office visits, too many adjustments, and have a small profit margin. Here at Whatcom Dental Lab are embracing the future by going digital to help make dentures more accessible and practice for dentists and their …

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