fixed hybrid full arch

fixed hybrid full arch

Hybrid full arch restorations are a life changing option for those needing, or currently utilizing removable dentures. Not only are they incredibly lifelike, but they are fixed and permanent solution that allows them to eat and function as they did when they had natural teeth.

PMMA restorations

PMMA restorations are a temporary lab-made product that allows patients to have the upmost confidence and an ascetically pleasing smile as they await their final crowns.


A large case can be intimating for a patient to undergo. Being able to view a diagnostic, and gain a realistic idea of the outcome, as well as refine their preferences can be a powerful tool for the patient to gain confidence in the process.


Although PFMs, or porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns, are sometimes considered an “old school” technique by many patients and dentists, our technicians have the knowledge and experience to create a beautiful outcome.


Whatcom Dental Lab has significant experience creating restorations of all types on implants. We work with all major manufactures and a number of trusted third party companies to give our clients maximum restorative options.


Whatcom Dental Lab is renowned for the exceptional gold work that have produced for decades. Having worked for, and been mentored by Dr. R.V. Tucker himself, the quality and fit of their gold crowns, inlays an onlays is unsurpassed. They continue to work closely with the local Tucker Study Clubs in order to continue to …

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eMax, and other forms of lithium disilicate are a modern restorative option that produce beautiful results and proven track record.


Zirconia is by far the leading material for crown & bridge work. Whatcom Dental Lab is continually investing time and resources find the best materials and protocols to make our zirconia crowns exceptional.

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