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Jenny Foland, RDA

More often than not there are zero adjustments of the cases fabricated by Whatcom Dental Lab. This saves time for everyone in the office. The shade matching is superior. This allows the patient to be less inconvenienced with scheduling as well as extremely satisfied by the work provided. The staff at WDL are always available to help coordinate scheduling cases, answering questions about unique situations, and the lab always delivers on time. There is no comparison. The people who work at WDL are artists. I recommend WDL to everyone. If I needed a crown I would choose WDL over any other lab.

Dr. Christopher W Kyles, DMD MD

It is easy to communicate with Whatcom Dental Lab, and they have a quick response time. Their product is effective and consistent. I primarily use WDL for surgical guides. They are of excellent quality and always fit the patient.

Dr. Michael Sacro, D.D.S.

These guys have seen it all! There isn’t a job too difficult for them. Even if the case I present is challenging, they help me chose the best options for restoring a patient’s smile. And they make it look easy! More than the work itself, the relationship we have with WDL is like they are an adjunct part of our team in personality and philosophy.
Their aesthetics and attention to detail is the best around. Their follow up is great, and if changes are needed, they don’t think twice about helping me out! We have a great relationship and they deliver an excellent product. Nathan and the team at Whatcom Dental Lab are top notch! I’ve worked with this team for years and I would highly recommend them to any doctor!

Dr. John Young, DDS

Whatcom Dental Lab is a rare combination of communication, innovation, proximity, expertise and value.  You can find a few of these attributes in other labs, but you’ll usually have to sacrifice something.  I started with Rick in 2009.  The ‘feel’ of the lab has remained the same through relocations and expansions under Nate’s supervision.  I’m happy with the consistency of the product they return.  Good job, team!

Megan Galloway, RDA

I always recommended the dental offices I work for to use Whatcom Dental Lab. Other labs do not take the same time and care as WDL. When seating crowns, bridges, or onlays from WDL, seats go in with ease. Their skill and artistry makes the dentist’s and the staff’s job much easier. Patients will notice the difference!

Dr. Gorgin Arasteh, DDS

Phenomenal communication, exquisite artistic abilities, and exceptional mentorship. From the first touch to the last check, every case gets several layers of attention and care. They are some of the most honest, generous and warm-hearted group of individuals that I have had the pleasure of working with.

Whatcom County has produced some of the most incredible dentists and educators which are all known internationally. It is a humbling realization that most of the work that has been delivered by these dentists have been fabricated by hands of the artists from WDL. We are a small community that is growing at an exceptional rate. WDL has been skillfully keeping up with the increased demand due to this growth. However, what keeps me as a loyal partner is that they never compromise in the quality of their work. I have nothing but respect for everyone at WDL and hope to work side by side with them in years to come.

Dr. Ron Dahl, DDS

What a joy to seat a crown that requires zero adjustment. That is what I experience the majority of the time with the cases delivered by Whatcom Dental Lab. They have been a local leader in incorporating cutting edge digital technology into the lab work flow, which is evident in the quality of the cases they complete. It is a real comfort to know that as we continue our progress down the path of digital dentistry, I have a knowledgeable partner that is committed to delivering the best for my patients. I first began utilizing the services of Whatcom Dental Lab over thirty years ago. Throughout our long term relationship, I have been particularly impressed with their willingness to tackle even the toughest of cases and consistently deliver a quality product. And they stand behind the quality of their workmanship with a commitment to make it right if necessary.

Dana A Buglione, DMD MSD

The difference between a “good” and a “great” restorative outcome ultimately comes down to a close working relationship between the dentist and lab technician. They must be one team, one entity, one brain. Whatcom Dental Lab not only gives the idea of teamwork lip service, but lives and breathes it every day. It is truly a collaborative environment where the focus is on continually getting better, not on ego.

patient testimonials

David Dickinson, DMD

As a patient, thank you for your professionalism, friendliness, attention to detail and excellent sterilization procedures.

Joe Spiess

I meet with Nate who took me to his custom shade room for photos and color matching on my replacement tooth for my crown. Whatcom Dental Lab is professional and informative.

Kathy Nix

Just got my bridge installed today. The color match is absolute perfection! Great service and outstanding quality!!!

Annemarie Crenshaw

Working with Whatcom Dental Lab was a very pleasant experience. Nate was very helpful and extremely knowledgeable.

Diana Hunt

My custom shade appointment was very fast and efficient. Nate is a nice person and seemed very well trained. He listened to my concerns and addressed them.

Erin Christopher

My dentist and WDL partnered really well, making my experience perfect! All my requests were met right down to the detail and I felt like my satisfaction was important to them. Nate and his team were really friendly and easy to communicate my wishes to. My picky requests were no big deal and he listened to all my needs to ensure I would be happy with the outcome of my crowns. I’m thrilled with my crowns and wish I’d invested in my smile a little sooner! Thanks so much to Nate and his team – and for his professionally collaboration with my dentist. I’d highly recommend!

Morgan Shellhamer

Nate ensured I had the perfect color match.  Every interaction felt very personalized. With my new smile, I have now have confidence where it’s been lacking for most of my life.

Paula Horn

Well worth the drive. Whatcom Dental Lab was very professional while also very friendly. An excellent business!

Diane Mikkelson

My implant matches my other teeth perfectly!! Top notch, professional, knowledgeable service. Thank you the care you take.

Shelley H

My custom shade appointment with Nate was quick, efficient and he communicated well with me. Thanks Nate!!

Johnna L.

Pretty interesting looking from when you first walk in the door. I definitely wanted a tour. However, I was there to get my shade matched for a crown. The appointment was quick and professional. My mom recently got a bridge created from here, she is very happy with the color and fit. She commented for days on how nice it looks. Good Job!!

William H.

Very professional! Nate answered all my questions and took his time to make sure everything was completed correctly.

staff testimonials

Shannon Joneli

I finally feel like I have a permanent place of work, I wake up and enjoy coming to work! The environment is amazing and welcoming, and WDL always makes me feel super needed.

Kristen McClain

It’s an honor to witness and to be apart of a team who cares so much about the details of every single case that makes its way through the lab. We care about the people who we serve in our community and beyond. The communication between our doctors and the lab is simply amazing. That communication is very new to me as I have never worked for a lab that cares so much about “getting it right” rather than putting up a fight.

Working for WDL has given me fresh perspective on how a REAL team pulls together to help each other out when needed without grumbling. This lab is also very good about making sure that every single employee is comfortable at their work stations and has PROPER working equipment that’s required to do an excellent job with ease. They care about their employees and want them all to be happy when they walk through the front door.

Steve Tinklepaugh

Working for WDL has been a great experience. At WDL you are encouraged to grow and learn. The culture at WDL is a great work environment. Everyone is friendly and encouraging. It is a team feel and everyone works together. WDL has encouraged me to improve my skill while also expanding my knowledge. I have gained confidence in my abilities and rediscovered my passion for my job.

Brian Green

This has been the most supportive and friendly place I’ve ever worked. Additionally, this is the highest paying job I’ve ever had, and the owners have been proactive with giving me raises to match this terrible inflation we’re all dealing with in 2022.

The main difference here from my previous jobs is that motivation to do better, learn more, work longer. It comes mainly from feeling like I have a direct real influence on the quality of the product and my ability to make everyone’s job a bit easier & smoother.

Everyone is not only friendly but very good at explaining what they need. If someone needs me to augment something or handle some other task in the lab, people just communicate openly and never angrily. This makes the lab an enjoyable job and much easier to focus on being as efficient as I can be.

Drew Basham

Working here has made me much a more independent technician. I work by myself with hardly any supervision, something I’ve never been able to do at other jobs. That freedom has made me appreciate my own decisions. Plus, everyone is just really nice! We all get along well. It is an easy environment to work in because the staff are happy and positive.

Deanna Baydak

You get a real sense of family working at WDL. We all have one goal in mind and we work as a team to get there. It’s one of a kind. Working at WDL has provided me with a great amount of knowledge on what goes on in a business, along with management experience and how to help run a lab/business like a well-oiled machine. It’s really made me realize how something may seem so small to us, can be a life changing experience to a patient in regaining self confidence.

Madison Wheeler

I would describe the culture and staff environment at WDL as uplifting and positive! The staff make it easy to work hard and be productive. Working for WDL has positively impacted me in ways I didn’t realize I could experience. I come into work everyday and feel welcomed and encouraged to do my best. The camaraderie at the lab is amazing and I felt apart of the WDL family right away!

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