before and afters

a more mature smile

This younger patient was wanting a whole new smile to help mature their overall appearance.  Nate helped them choose the overall look they were going for regarding shape and color. All the teeth were prepped down and replaced with the individual eMax crowns Nate created. This case was especially unique as the patient needed the teeth to appear more matte. The end result was a perfect smile!

Morgan’s anterior crowns

Dr. Tupper prepped Morgan’s top four anterior teeth. After a custom shade match, Nate crafted individual full zirconia crowns for teeth #7-10. Nate added a pink tissue look on tooth #9 to make the gum line appear lower and create symmetry in the emergence profile. Dr. Tupper seated them, and the finished look was well received by all!

My new smile gives me confidence where it’s been lacking for most of my life.


Erin’s veneers

Erin had seen WDL’s great work and requested her dental office to send her case to them. Her goals were to have the mid-line of her front teeth corrected and create overall symmetry in her smile. Nate worked with her help decide on the new shape she desired for her top teeth, as well as find a custom shade.  He created her six eMax veneers for her teeth #6-11. Erin was very satisfied with the end results.

I’m thrilled with my crowns, and wish I’d invested in my smile a little sooner!

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