Equipment Spotlight: DWX-52D5-Axis Dental Milling Machine

Making quality products starts with using quality equipment. 

These past few years we have seen unprecedented growth, much of that growth extending into our milling department. Our current mill was not meeting our needs, so we found ourselves in need of an upgrade. 

Our three Roland 5-axis dental mills are constantly putting out high quality work in our milling department.

After much consideration and consultation, we decided to purchase the Roland DWX-52D5-Axis Dental Mill. It wasn’t long before this machine’s superior capabilities opened the door to even more growth, leading us to purchase more of them.

Our milling department here at Whatcom Dental Lab currently houses three Roland DWX-52D5-Axis Dental Milling Machines. 

Here are some of the reasons why we chose this piece of equipment to help us make our high quality dental restorations:

5-Axis Milling

Many dental mills are limited to 3 axis milling. With the high volume of complex cases, and the level of quality required of them, a 5-axis mill was the best fit. 

The pucks are able to be tilted and rotated as they are milled, even allowing milling at a 90 degree angle. This wider range of movement allows for more precise shaping and fits. Especially for anterior and full arch cases.

User Friendly Features

With the vast amount of materials and shades to choose from, being able to quickly switch out pucks was a must for us.

There were a few features that drew us to the Roland 5-axis mills. Having multiple puck clamps that easily snap in and out has increased our efficiency and made our milling technian’s jobs easier. The intelligent tool control and automated cleaning & dust collection were another big draw.

Reputable Brand

Roland is a well known and trusted brand. Though more notable for their printers and sound equipment, they have made great strides of innovation into the dental world. Many successful dental labs prefer Roland mills for their usability and features. 

Overall we have been very happy with switching to the Roland DWX-52D5-Axis Dental Mill. We have noticed a sharp increase in quality in our milled products and know that a large part of that is using equipment that stands up the quality we expect from our own products.

Do you use a Roland DWX-52D5-Axis Dental Mill? What is your experience with it? Have another mill you prefer? Let us know in the comments!

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